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Desc:Just another fun moment in a fighting hole.
Category:Military, Horror
Tags:Iraq, war, veteran, Iraq Veterans Against the War
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Comment count is 51
5 to support our troops. however the video is a bit underwhelming.

No, it's great.

dr tits
now, did he say "war is hell"
or, "i'm bored as hell" ?

i'm pretty sure it was the latter.


I'm pretty sure it's the former.

also this video is pretty much perfect

thank god OUR TROOPS have your five stars, certainly the knowledge of that will help them deal with decades of suppress guilt over their own murdering worthlessness


Or maybe nobody gives a shit about Gomorrah.


Honestly, you don't care about Iraqis, so stop pretending.

the exhaustion and depressed, god.

lj time.

i met a marine once who told me of his time in afghanistan. he was walking up a mountain, as you frequently do in that country, in a line. a whole company of marines going up this mountain. his legs were like jelly, his body sweeting bullets as he pounded back canteens. he looked up the mountain, realizing that he didn't feel like he had the strength, and he felt so utterly alone. everyone else was making this trek, everyone else was keeping pace, but he felt like he couldn't for much longer.

so he stopped, and looked back down the mountain at his peers. he saw draped on every face a look of defeated exhaustion, and knew that each person was at their limit, but they kept climbing. it really shook him to the core, and he knew he had to write about it someday.

i hope he got around to it.
That is like the most boring story possible from a war.

"One time me and a bunch of dudes climbed a mountain."
"Oh, no way!"
"Yeah, it was hard. Everyone was tired."
"What do you mean 'and'? Everyone was REALLY tired! I mean, like, just fuckin' so tired!"
"Well, how tired?"
"Like they'd climbed a mountain."

This video is the same way. "Hey, say something." "War is hell." Wow no shit. "Want to say something original, sir?" "... No. I have ennuis."

eat a dick you bloodthirsty sadist

There once was a man in Afganistan
to walk up Fuck-mountain was his plan
not shots were fired
but damn was he tired
but at least he got a good tan

I'm not going to lie, that limerick could be improved.

Syd Midnight
Camonk, dude, every soldier that was in every war ever would probably sympathize with this video

It's supposed to be mundane to represent the story, jeez.

yeah i guess i should have picked the one video where the tired soldier sitting in a fox hole ad libbed a full sonnet/lament

Carmonk sounds like a guy who doesn't climb many mountains...

Man I could tell you stories about working in tech support, or going to grad school. Everybody who'd done either would totally sympathize.

Doesn't make those stories interesting.

i have a sadder story: i once met an iraqi refugee.

Syd Midnight
That poor refugee

Caminante Nocturno
-1 in support of Europe.
If he wanted to look all cool like in the TV ads he should have said that, and then lit up a fuse with a cigar or something and tossed a chunk of C4 over the wall and then not even duck when it exploded or something. FUCK YEAH.
War is like a week of doing nothing and ten seconds of stark terror in fear for your very life.

If you had a video of the ten seconds everyone would complain it was too short.
Syd Midnight
They could watch "Canadians ambushed by insurgents in Afghanistan", then watch this clip on a loop for a week straight.

boo dee hoo the murdering racist thugs feel emo :(

hyuk-yuk! hay kiyds! its gommorrah, here to lead us in the fag dance!

oh shit you're here now?

more foxhole banter please
not a foxhole. marines dig FIGHTING HOLES

and this guy's clearly in the fight

For Gommorrah's attempt to troll this video in at least 3 different places.

And for the troops.
i'm not trolling, i legitimately find the american propensity towards military-worship to be deranged and laughably hypocritical

Let's not quibble, Gommorrah. Your entire schtick is trolling.

Christ. Travel a bit. The entire world is exactly the same way. No one cares. Drink some beer and go weep in a corner.

Gommorrah, I don't think it is military worship so much as it is human empathy for people who have experienced the absolute worst things in the world.

lol yes they're truly experienced the worst thing in the world

somebody should tell Iraqi boy who lost both his parents, three of his limbs and 70% of his skin in a white-phosphorous attack when his country was conquered for no reason that two white chunky paid volunteer murderers who work for the same organization are having such a bad time in a ditch somewhere that they took their videocamera and uploaded a sardonic video to the internet. see what he says

I'm sorry I tried to speak reasonably to you, you're an idiot.

You would scare that hypothetical child Gommorah.

His hypothetical caretaker would shoo you away in a fashion that implied violent steps would be taken if nessecary.

jesus christ

hoping this isn't the start of "fucking boring pointless video week"
i don't think it is pointless

i'm glad you didn't call it a fox hole as these are marines
Five for making Gomorrah freak out.
your ridiculous behavior is extremely common, why would I freak out?

Awww, fuck yeah.

Your self-righteousness is so FUCKING SEXY.

you're performing very poorly, stog

Tuan Jim
May God, our Father in Heaven, and His Holy Angels, watch and guard our troops.


The man in this video is clearly a CHRISTIAN and therefore saved. No one has any right to criticize him in any way.

-Tuan Jim, praying for your souls.
After seeing this video, the Green Zone Burger King comped him a free strawberry shake to cheer him up. True story
La Loco
Support our troops, the men and women brave and blind enough to invade a country for the benefit of the rich minority.
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