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Desc:He wants a separate Facebook for crazies.
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:alex jones, viral, new world order, yellow star, social network
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Comment count is 13
He sounds like he's cutting a wrestling promo. I hope he succeeds in his dream. Such a site would be the mother of all POE red submissions.
No, he kind of sounds like Andy Samburg doing his Mark Wahlberg impression.

"Put me in a position where I can get it up"

The solution to a one-world government is a globally unified and commanded resistance network.
See, this is different, though, because you're not doing what *they* tell you to do, you're doing what *he* tells you to do. And the government already knows everything about you, so you may as well just volunteer the information anyway.

I prefer my ridiculous anti-social libertarians to be more crazy, and less stupid.
You don't get it.

He is a member of the N.W.O.

What do you think they're going to do after he's unified his network?

Scary, huh?

Sometimes when you're high you have ideas that seem really good at the time. It's usually good to take a step back when you sober up and reflect on whether or not it was actually a good idea. Do not put on a shirt and tie and tell Youtube about it first chance you get.
This seems as though it maybe the result of a... lack of drugs? Clozaril, perhaps?

So lemme get this straight.

The solution to fighting back against the new world order is to have everyone who opposes the new world order to be part of a social network on the internet and post everyone's personal information and pictures and blogs and such into a categorized database that pretty much anyone can join and gain access to.
this guy is such a shut-in that he doesn't know how to meet like-minded people in his community without it.

I love how the genius innovation here is our ability to PRE-EMPTIVELY PRINT STUFF OUT before Big Government shuts the internet down. He says that with such triumph at 5:16, it's beautiful.
Even better plan: DON'T VOTE REPUBLICAN!
I don't understand what the hell he's talking about. Also, from his profile:

Interests and Hobbies: people, and awakening more.
Books: NONE
Shit, I didn't know they were turning the internet off. I kinda liked it
But will I still get to see the Farkle scores of assholes I barely knew in high school on this new network?

This is kind of a deal killer for me.
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