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Tuan Jim - 2009-05-23

"We have taken on no defect in our soul, or in our character."

James Woods - 2009-05-23

About as evil as it gets.

Slumgullion - 2009-05-23

I never really understood holocaust deniers. Do they think this stuff was made up? Exterminate them and take their money. Damn, these people were batshit insane. No defect indeed.

manfred - 2009-05-23

I think the hardcore revisionists claim that the word Himmler is using here, 'ausrottung', is referring to something else than extermination.

Hooker - 2009-05-23

Where's keyboard cat?

puddin p - 2009-05-24

Needs keyboard cat

bongoprophet - 2009-05-23

and happy 60000:th video poeTV!

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