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Desc:Some animals are just evil.
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:national geographic, nature is a cruel mistress, jerky, komodo dragon
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Comment count is 8
It's a relatively new arrival, huh? Then why did you start by saying it was a prehistoric monster? SHENANIGANS I SAY!
i call shenanigans due to the fact that the komodo dragon and the water buffalo are not in the same shot except for the bit at the end.

2:16 is an image that is hard to shake.
Komodo Dragon's are now on my list for unnatural selection.
It looks like they're all making the buffalo's skull into a puppet.

That Komodo dragon needs corrective laser eye surgery.
Some animals are just bad. Others are just badASS!
Sammy Barnathan
"Maybe the buffalo senses it's being watched... by our deadly team of cameramen."

The programme seems a little lame, but 5 for the Komodo and 2.16.
Komodo Dragons are venomous:

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