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Desc:Scientists go to the giant garbage island in the Pacific. The entire thing is on their site.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:environment, trash, ocean, Plastics, garbage day!
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Rodents of Unusual Size
For the rest of this go to:


There are 11 more parts, all of them horrifying.
i think this might be already on here...
hm, i can't find it but i know i've seen it before and i remember some of the comments on it (but not who made them) and it seems very poetv-ish.

Rodents of Unusual Size
It's been mentioned over at Poe-News but I didn't find anything over here.

mmmmk, here's your stars then.

stars of guilt and shame, for my apartment building doesn't offer plastic recycling.


You can still drive it to a place that does.

They have mentioned it on the 5th series of QI which I'm sure many people who go here have taken the time to watch.

dammit ROUS, always making me think about the environment and stuff.

your like my friend's mom who makes bread from scratch and recycles with mozart playing the background while my family is all hillbilly M 80 lighters at the fourth of july as guns and roses is played from someone's car speakers.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I made compost piles the other week!

You're free to help, I figure it's a good compromise where we can meet each other half way.

(5 stars are for your comment)

I just found out about this the other day while researching ocean currents and gyres for charting the course of my floating island I'm building in order to escape the rest of humanity. I'll admit disappointment that it wasn't a huge floating heap.
One of the scientists, the one whose voice you hear first, sounds like Sig Hansen. I was all excited until I realized it wasn't.

That one guy with the real whiny little voice is extremely annoying.
I have to give this one star because it's filmed like some kind of lifetime horror movie on cough syrup and all the "scientists" are fucking insufferable. Actually, I guess that's worth five? but this is unwatchable.
I've been to the trash dump the size of Texas. It's called Texas.
James Woods
OMG Children of Men is prophecy.
Annoying hipster 'fuck'-spewing larval eco-terrorists.

Still, five for a roiling state-sized nexus of garbage in the middle of the ocean.
Bad news Cleaner82. After I watched 70 or 80 minutes of people hanging out on a boat and more or less saying, "You know like... plastic? It's like... really bad s---t? And like... you can't f---ing see anything. But there's like... f---ing... plastic all over. And... we're all like... really f---ing board? And there's like nothing to do." it turns out that no there's no floating island of trash the size of Texas. Most of what they found would fit in one trash can, two at most.
I'm disappointed, I want to see people standing on a floating landfill of garbage from horizon to horizon.

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