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Desc:Could there possibly be a better final line in a film?
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:pimps, bazooka, southland tales, richard kelly, Sean William Scott
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Comment count is 19
Aelric - 2009-05-26
You know, this movie doesn't make much more sense after reading the prelude comics. Not that it makes it any less enjoyable.
voodoo_pork - 2009-05-26
I still have no idea if this is a good movie or not.
biclops - 2009-05-26
It's not, but I recommend watching it. There's this moment when Justin Timberlake starts lip synching a Killers song for no real reason when I thought "Holy shit. This film is so crazy that I think it actually works" then it goes back to being a nonsense mishmash of terrible characters, plot, dialogue, acting, and directing.

Each of the actors are capable of putting out adequate performances, but they are clearly given directions like "uhh, just shout like you did in The Princess Bride" and "Dwayne, do the same thing but more bug-eyed and tap your fingers together as if each hand thinks the other one is a flute... YEAH! Perfect!"

It's such a collosal failure on all levels.

Camonk - 2009-05-26
It has Sean William Scott. That tells you that it is impossible for it to be a good film. The last line is worth two stars.

voodoo_pork - 2009-05-26
I agree with biclops. This film is a big mess. It has no center to it, unlike Darko, which had a complicated main character thrust into an impossible scenario. This film is a plethora of characters bouncing off each other, with a few gems (like stunt-casting John Lovitz as a psycho LAPD cop and Timberlake's weirdo musical number).

It's trying to be a satire, but has no idea what it's satirizing. Is is the Patriot Act, environmentalism, science fiction, movies themselves? It has no idea what it's about. I think in some meta-film way, its failures can possibly comment on the failures of big-budget, plot heavy thrillers, but I don't think Kelly understands how commercial entertainment works. It's fun to watch. It's disposable, but still fun. Kelly made a slow, confusing film that doesn't riff off the fun factor of mainstream film. It's like a bad soup with contrasting ingredients, like mustard and chocolate chips.

You may commence mocking my pseudo-intellectual bullshit.

biclops - 2009-05-26
To emphasize: in a film starring Buffy, The Rock, Stiffler, Wallace "INCONCEIVABLE!" Shawn, Bai Ling, Cheri Oteri, Kevin Smith, and Jon Lovitz, the cast was the strongest element.

PornocracyNow - 2009-05-26
this movie was a narrative nightmare.

timberlake's character had no justification for being in the plot, or for doing half the things he did.

rock's character really didn't do anything other than bounce from exposition character to exposition character, whom expounded on a plot that seemed immaterial to anything that went on before or after it at times.

it seemed like the script was made to have sean william scotts' characters as the protagonists, but there isn't enough time or enough meaningful contributions to the plot made by either character to make a difference.

also, the dialog was plain retarded in recurring instances.

still 5 stars
AgentOrange - 2009-05-26
What the fuck is wrong with you?

PornocracyNow - 2009-05-26

Rudy - 2009-05-26
Dude was a pimp.

voodoo_pork - 2009-05-26
And pimps don't like shitty movies.

Jeriko-1 - 2009-05-26
What happened to his eye?
PornocracyNow - 2009-05-26
a bullet.

i'm not kidding.

Squidmojo - 2009-05-26
I love this film, with no reservations.
Ursa_minor - 2009-05-26
I watched it drunk and emotional and loved it. I think sober and reasonable, I'd hate it.
CornOnTheCabre - 2009-05-26
i can think of a better last line: "Richard Kelly is dead and will never make movies ever again."
Stog - 2009-05-27
This is a good line, but when I hear it I can't help but think of this:

Colonel Cowlung - 2009-05-27
I love this movie. It is the most spectacular clusterfuck of a movie I've ever seen, and I mean that in the best possible way.
Rabid Vegan - 2009-05-27
I really like this movie as well, but I've not seen it sober, nor do I plan to.
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