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Desc:Woman loses 62,000 1985-dollars in an ironic fashion
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:loser, irony, game shows, wheel of fortune, defeat
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Comment count is 21
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
What a dumb bitch.
i wonder how attached that host is to the money being lost

his impotent squeaky voice indicates quite a lot.
erection reset by queer
"that host"? You mean Pat fucking Sajak???

Hay Belly
Just read Porno's comment in Comic Book Guy's voice and it's hilarious.

I think an Ed Grimly voice would be apropos here.

Caminante Nocturno
Why is Nikki not wearing the biggest smirk on God's green Earth?
The Townleybomb
Good thing she didn't win, otherwise you would've had to spend half an hour watching her buy like 40 dinette sets.
You've never felt the thriss of victory?

I think she thought 'victory' was 'history'. Funny enough, hers became exactly that.

I was pretty sure she was doing it on purpose to increase her chances of getting 5000, right up until that moment.

Oh lord no. You can hear the desperation in her voice as she says, I have to spin again.

Lauritz Melchior
Thanks for the thought about "history." I was wondering where she could have possibly thought an 's' would go.

Well that is a very lovely bedroom set.
The agony of irony.
Frank Rizzo
the thrill of her defeat.

Well I never. The Y is a vowel around these parts.

It might be a language thing.
And i was just waiting for the Bankrupt! bit of the wheel to wipe her out. This was more cringe-worthy.
Now she can't afford to move.
William Batty
It is insane that she doesn't have it by like 2:20.

I mean, is she suffering from a concussion?
No, she's clearly gaming the system by spinning in a way as to constantly hit the 00 per letter bonus. She got greedy and it got to her head.

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