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Desc:Awful, bastard lovechild of Dick Van Dyke and the Queen (Circa 1950)
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:accents, expert, English.
Submitted:sadness tinged with arousal
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Moustache McGillicuddy
Losing a dog in fog is highly unthinkable. Back in 1994 I witnessed several dogs invade a medley of mist. Yet I was STILL able to establish their presence with just a meager bit of common sense. I understand this is not the case in Britain. British fog is so substantial that you cannot tell where the fog ends and where YOU begin. Do NOT go to Britain and if you must, wear a bright orange sweater, goodnight.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
If you personally import a car - eg: there's some new Mustangs around here - you have to get a rear high intensity (fog) light fitted before you can get it registered.

Boring, but true.

The luft smelt like strung coffeh.
the louffa smelled liked codfish?

that is how i read that at first

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
When English people do fake English accents for a gaff, we do it like this.
I initially read that as "for a guff." You had me highly intrigued -- until I reread it.

Is she like, advertising her skills as a dialect coach? Cause goddamn.
The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plains.
dora's cough
Her entire series is amazing. Don't miss the comments, 95% of which call her a dumb slut and 5% of which are white knighting/internet wooing
Wow you sure convinced me!
Spastic Avenger
Sounds nothing like the southerners she's imitating, and sounds even less like me. I love it.
Americans say "Toe-may-toe" and we say "Tuh-mah-toe"... if we're taking the piss out of the royals

-Charlie Brooker
So she's basically figured out how to say a short "o" (but definitely not a long "e") in a posh British accent?
Bob Odenkirk could teach her to do a more realistic accent
And this woman has probably never been to England.
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