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Desc:...but the ensuing flame-war comments are so evil they make my testicles tingle!
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:nerd, pro-life, george tiller, pro-choice, wambulance
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Comment count is 6
There may be something of redeeming value in the video. I will not sit through it to find out.
This was never suppose to make it out of the Hopper.

I wanted to show folks that, even though I was cherry-picking the truly evil responses to George Tiller's death, not all of Youtube was as cold-hearted about these turn of events.

Next time I'll know that if I don't want something to come to the Main Page, I should not put it in the Hopper to begin with.


Five for a vid not supposed to get out of the hopper by submitter's plan actually making it out of the hopper.
1 star because that's retarded


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