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Desc:The single most bizarre, fucked up thing in pro wrestling history.
Category:Sports, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:wrestling, wwf, hand, mae young, repulsive
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Comment count is 14
Yeah, that about covers it.
Mike Tyson?!
This is actually during the time I took my break from wrestling for a couple years. I would trade that for Cena / Batista / WWE UNIVERSE any day.
batista... ugh. double so for cena. i couldn't take it anymore.

this is one of the more disturbing things i've seen.

Princess v2.1
Back when wrestling used to be absurdly funny. And the Rock wasn't some two-bit actor.

don't get me started on batista or cena, they make WCW look like fucking russian balet.

What on Earth could the context possibly be? The mind boggles!

The context is basically that Vince signed the unbelievably boring Marc Henry to a ten-year contract based on Henry winning a "Strongest Man in the World" contest in the mid-90s, then spent most of the late 90s and early 00s trying to put Henry in the worst possible storylines consistently so that he'd quit.

Except that Mark Henry got over more as Sexual Chocolate than he ever did up to that point or ever has since.


Wow. John Waters would approve.
did they ever explain why a drag queen is giving birth to a rubber hand?
Of course not.

MAE you GOT to have the BAY-bee
Dear Leader
I'm so glad this clip was brought to my attention. I've retold this brief triumph in wrestling history too many times for it to be lost forever.
I thought it said "rubber BAND". Somehow a hand is a lot less disturbing to me.
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