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Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:dance, Deformity, bravery, unusual performance
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 17
Dr Dim - 2009-06-07
The judge did pretty well, the "bravery" bit was a little condescending but how the hell do you say "we're looking for someone with a neck"?
Braze - 2009-06-07
Well, that's not very fair. It takes a lot of courage to stick your neck out like that and risk rejection, and really she has a lot of backbone to go this far. This audition, all things considered, was head and shoulders above the competition, and I think the judge short-changed her.
rapsnacks - 2009-06-07
He wanted head, neck and shoulders above :/

bluiker - 2009-06-07
She'll never be the neck of a major corporation.

oogaBooga - 2009-06-08
oh my god thank you guys, i was just about to pull the trigger

Lindner - 2009-06-08
She's really quite graceful.

Watching with mingled nausea and awe, I found myself somewhat sad realizing that she has spent years practicing, believing earnestly that she could overcome the unfortunate hand fate dealt her.

Then I laughed my ass off at "stick your neck out". These stars are for you guys.

dueserpenti - 2009-06-07
Maybe your mom should've let you accept that there are some things you're not suited for, before you look like a crazy freak on national TV. I knew a girl with a deformed arm and a gimpy leg in high school who joined the Modern Dance troupe, the moment of disillusionment was epic.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2009-06-07
See, I think she knew that she wasn't going to move up in the competition. I think she did this to make a point, that if you have enormous physical disability, it shouldn't stop you from trying to do the things that other people do. She didn't do a bad job given her limitations. I think she proved that you can still try to live a normal life and wanted to maybe inspire others that suffer from physical deformity. I once met a blind girl that made pottery.

I think that she had reasons other than winning in mind when she did this.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2009-06-07
Also, she reminds me of Rene Laloux's Gandahar.

baleen - 2009-06-07

Dueserpenti, that was such a Dutch thing to say.

Lauritz Melchior - 2009-06-07
Regarding Modern Dance, physical deformities do not necessarily preclude a career, much less a performance opportunity.


Modern Dance often seems to attract people with very accepting attitudes; with notions that anything is valid.

Certainly such a physical deformity would preclude a career in ballet, tap, jazz, etc.

Hooker - 2009-06-07
On a very special So You Think You Can Dance?
Merzbau - 2009-06-07
Be fair, she was great in El Topo.
Portaxx - 2009-06-07
The judges are just racist against Blemmyes
oogaBooga - 2009-06-08
phydeaux - 2009-06-08
She must swallow really fast.
mashedtater - 2009-06-08
shame on me for thinking i was ugly and freakish today. poor thing.
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