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Desc:Because it's somebody's birthday on POETV today
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:fursuit, california, mascot, parade
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Comment count is 20
Do furies get pissed if you call them mascots?
they get furious.


We need a mascot tag.

March of the Deviant Artists.

The Clockwork Orange Abominable Snowman
I don't want to see the footage from the after party.
Dr Dim
The alligator at 0:40
the pink elephant thing at 1:40
2:30 ish "since when can you bring real firearms to cons"?
other pink thing at 2:35
five totally insane ones in a row, including some kind of snowman, at about 2:49
rabbit with a bondage dalmatian 3:32

thankyou, POE
Adham Nu'man
"2:30 ish "since when can you bring real firearms to cons"?"

If he starts shooting, nothing worthwile will be lost.

Why did some of them have weapons?
There is hope in the streets now.

Rodents of Unusual Size
They're on their way to fight with the line of juggalos from a few videos back. With hope there will be few survivors.

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
It's "everything" season

Weird thing at 1:40 had a crotch bulge, I saw it. Also, when they touch each other, I cry without understanding why.

I bet each and every one of them individually smells like a highschool.
Rodents of Unusual Size
The fat blue rabbit at 2:09 looks suicidal to me, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

This video would have given Stanley Kubrick nightmares.
Teased Vagina
At 3:16 there's a black woman who appears to be a furry. Is this the rarest sight of all?
it was just my cat's birthday and he's not even registered on poetv
As some of them pass the camera they seem to slump slightly. I like to imagine it's shame weighing them down and also the realization that within minutes the video will be on the internet where everyone is either making fun of them or masturbating.
Syd Midnight
Did that guy at :30 steal a folding cot from the Hyatt? He's sleeping like a king tonight.
I like the giant Iago before him!

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