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Desc:An awesomely ridiculous German vehicle from WW2. I kind of really want one.
Category:Military, Trailers
Tags:motorcycle, ww2, Nazis, wtf germany, insane vehicle design
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Comment count is 15
I honestly don't know if this thing was designed by the Nazis or by Cobra Commander, but I do know that I really do want one.
I'm not sure you understand what is meant by "Category: Trailers."

That was awesome and you know it, sir.

5 stars for "Trailers" category.

Hoope_X, "You are technically correct. That's the best kind of correct."

I could make a fortune at the local harvest festival: kettenkrad rides,
its a shame they lost.
Syd Midnight
This same guy has been driving it around since 1944. The allies still haven't caught the wily Kettenkrad Bandit!

Well, the first ATV basically.

The conditions they had to deal with, I support the tracks were in order but dang... the front wheel *is* ridiculous.

5 stars for that!
That was one of the few vehicles that could make a go of it in the deep-ass mud on the Russian Front. The steering design is actually really cool - the cycle wheel controls the steering until it goes past a certain angle, at which point it connects to the tread systems and uses them to steer.

It's like the Power Wheels company made a tankcycle... for adults. How much do they cost?
I would imagine the biggest expense would be shipping one here from Europe. Still, if I had crazy money? Hell yeah.

I wonder if you couldn't just rig up your own homebrew Kettenkrad using U.S.-available parts. Build it up off of one of those little tracked diggers that's like a baby steam shovel.

In the U.S., I'd say you'd almost definitely be better off getting a custom bike shop to build you one, come to think of it. Stuff I've found online suggests that when they come up for auction, they go for 0k+ as they're pretty in-demand from collectors of military equipment.

Apparently, they didn't have a particularly long life expectancy, what with the gas tanks sitting on either side of the driver's compartment.

One on eBay is gone. : (
I've always wanted to see one actually moving around, I've only seen pictures. It is of German design, this one was obviously captured and painted so they wouldn't get shot up. I think the little bastard can actually go about 45-50 mph, from what I've read. God I want one of these so bad. Imagine rolling up next to some ass on a Harley. "Hey, nice bike. Can yours go pretty much anywhere you want to go? No? That's cool. I've got muthafuckin' TRACKS on my hog, bitches."
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