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Desc:If you're feeling brave, go over to YouTube and say hi to him, he puts all his own stuff up himself.
Category:Arts, Science & Technology
Tags:numbers, Ken Nordine, one of the smoothest voices known to man, eighty-nine-year-old man who puts his own work up
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Comment count is 20
...and he's super super active in the comments for all his own clips on there, too.
It's the Barry White of Math.
Louis Armstrong
Fibanacci me good Mister Nordine!

"Well Fibanacci numbers are are also starting to be seen in orgys, ratio of 8 to 13."

Whooooohoo hoo hoo.

thanks for bringing back those entertaining evenings with Nordine and his echo-self on Word Jazz
Innocent Bystander
Was this the dude who did that one song with DJ Food?
Innocent Bystander
"Aging Young Rebel" is the one I'm thinking about.

lieutenant halfabeef
Anyone who doesn't have his Colors album is living an unfulfilled life.
david keith II
Damn that voice brings back memories. Nerdy, nerdy memories...

Syd Midnight
I could swear I've heard this voice and style before, doing a crazy smooth jazz/beat performance on college radio once.

Hot damn, Wiki says it was him.. it was called "Mr. City".
eighty-nine-year-old man who puts his own work up

what a stupid tag
Fiving my own submission to counter retarded non-opinion...

The William Shatner of math and I say this with love that you wont understand.
"Cases of remarkable size and shape, apparently welcome: ye
people, show your joy by giving your that has beautiful
limbs he that takes the essence is travelling through ireland,
my dear, and he blooddrinking, lying alone within one quiver." -Fibonacci
When I was a little kid I had a 45rpm of Nordine.
Thanks to the Wiki page on this guy I now know there's a place called SPREAD EAGLE, WISCONSIN.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Where has this guy been all my life?!
Doing the voiceovers for all the movie trailers :)

I like how he asks himself questions so I don't have to.
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