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Desc:Journey through the frozen body of an executed murderer, 1mm at a time. Worth watching in HQ
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:anatomy, visible human, tomography
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Comment count is 14
Totally saw his wiener.
Frame 3451

ohhhhhh yeah

Harold Manchester
I always wanted to know what kind of machine they used, does it look like a giant deli meat slicer?
Judging by the machines they use to make the plasticized exhibits for stuff like BodyWorld, yes. And it's messy as fuck.

Albuquerque Halsey
That is exactly what it was. Freeze the body in a block of gelatin, slice/grind a layer off, polish, snap a picture, repeat. The process reduces the body to a powder.

It used a blade to scrape the millimeter off, then a technician with a scalpel would cut things like tendons every couple millimeters....ohh, and no polishing, they just spritzed each layer with a blue dye before taking a picture.

5 for this becomming absolutely pointless less than 5 years later thanks to MRIs

We are all made of meat.
They communicate by slapping their meat flaps together.

Persephone S. Tight
Needs a John Hunter tag.
Lauritz Melchior
meat. MEAT. MEAT!!!
Menudo con queso
Gotta be honest: Some of those leg sections look fairly tasty.

Fire up the grill, ma -- we're eatin' convict tonight!

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