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Desc:June 10, 2009
Category:Nature & Places
Tags:fox news, Shepard Smith, SHEPergory, james von brunn
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 34
Which universe am I in, dammit?

Sammy Barnathan
Shephard Smith turned face a while ago, didn't he?
j lzrd / swift idiot
Oh damn you, I cracked grin.

The Shepanation is gonna run wild on youuuu brutha!

This is me rubbing my eyes in disbelief.
Louis Armstrong

Not all that unbelievable.

When he talks I can't help but hear "Spy's sappin Mah sentry"

sherpard smith is beginning to realize that he is at the epicenter of crazytown.

At least that's what, in my heart of hearts, I am hoping for.
Then he'll look at his paycheck at the end of the week and go back to being a fox news stooge for another month or so

Doubtful. I'm sure Fox News LIKES him to be a voice of dissent, as it keeps their viewers riled and therefore watching. Remember Colmes - it's not that they don't want moderate or left-wing factors on their network, it's that they want them controlled and told how they're wrong continually. I suppose they like to imagine it's them telling the liberal establishment it's wrong or some shit.

Either way, hopefully this IS the real Shepard Smith.

Syd Midnight
And Dr Frankenstein expected his monster's love and loyalty.
Wait, I thought Shepard Smith had a goatee.
Persephone S. Tight
That's the other Shepard Smith.

Your channel is feeding them. These are your viewers speaking. Not CNN's viewers.
Yeah, because CNN doesn't get e-mails about Bush jr. being Hitler.

Modern Angel
Please provide a link to a news story where Communist equivalents of this guy shot up a right winger or two.

I can't recall the last time an anti-racist shot up a klan rally.

Modern Angel
Still waiting, you fucking dunce.

Oh, was I supposed to respond to that?

Do the anti-WTO riots count? Does the ALF?
They don't shoot up Klan rallies, but they're plenty violent. And some people protesting the provocational Klan rallies get violent -- which is, unfortunately, exactly what the racists want.

When someone from the ALF or the United Anarchists Society or whoever goes out looking to actively hurt, maim, or kill someone in the furtherance of their ridiculous fucking political views, you will have a point.

Firebombing a Hummer dealership is a dick move, but nobody fucking gets killed.

when I saw the news about the shooting at the Holocaust Museum, I thought "well, looks like another Fox News viewer decided to stop pretending"
Relax, Fox is just hosting its monthly "Bizarro Day". They'll be right back to hosting tea parties and other such nonsense tomorrow.
Holy shit! Who's the pricks who fed these guys all this misinformation, anyway?

... oh.

p.s. lol america

Canadians are faggots.

Oh Canada, Britain's bastard son.

Cockmaster Flash
Unless he quits, this doesn't mean shit.
Subversion from within is a valid tactic.

I'd rather have Shepard there, being the lone voice of reason, than to watch the hordes of Fox viewers get riled up enough to actually do something stupid. O'Reilly has his nutball readers and those Glen Beck "We Surround Them" support groups are truly, truly frightening.

He's going onto Fox News and saying this stuff, which makes what he's saying valuable. Don't turn your nose up, this is good.

Caminante Nocturno
Adham Nu'man
Why haven't they fired this guy?
Mr. Halsey, I think you meant to put this in the "News & Politics" Category and not the "Nature & Places" section.

Although it does give a pretty refreshing look at related videos.
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