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Desc:what the damn is this?!
Category:General Station
Tags:dance, weird, duster, fu fu, fufu
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Comment count is 10
Caminante Nocturno
5 stars because the comments are really heartwarming and life-affirming.
How do people find stuff like this?
Billy the Poet
This is terrible. I hate it.
You're doing it wrong.

I need an adult.
The 'fu fu dance' is apparently a way of pantomiming: "I suck many cocks"
stars for you

j lzrd / swift idiot
It just keeps going and going for minutes after you think it should be done and overwith.
This is why no one looks into the heart of the TARDIS twice.

What looks like a cross between a Marge Simpson blue hairdoo and a baby yellow dinosaur? That’s right…a Fu Fu! In this new book, these smart and adorable creatures with golden toenails get instantly wisped by a Funami from their magical Fu island to New York City. The Fu Fus meet up with two city kids and begin their adventure.
When a greedy jeweler in the diamond district of New York plans to Funap these two Fu Fus to grow his own FuGold, the real excitement starts. Hold on for the ride! Discover how the Fu Fus eventually find their way home to their special island introduced in Dr. Spalding’s first book, “The Kingdom of Fu Fu”!

Now you can turn your Toenails into
FuGold with FU FU Nails™ nail polish!
This non-flammable water based polish
dries to a non toxic shine and simply
peels off. Anyone can be a Fu Fu!
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