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Desc:They'll lock you in to work overnight, but at least they'll listen to your suggestions.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:unions, capitalist filth, Wal Mart
Submitted:The Faghorn
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Comment count is 33
So incredibly evil.
Man unions will fuck you right up. Unions will fucking cut you wide open.
Do they show this to people?
As an ex walmart associate, I can say yes.

Hugo Gorilla
Yes. I worked at a Wal-Mart years ago and they had some new hires watch this in the employee's lounge. I guess their previous jobs were unionized.

"Our union got our truck line shut down, and that's why now I'm stuck working here. And I couldn't be happier."

I heard that if you mention unionizing at a Wal-Mart, the home office comes and installs extra surveillance cameras.

i would like to say that the description made me laugh and cry.
cool! equal opportunity wage-earning poverty!
I'd be careful about who you call "capitalist filth".

What the Wal-Mart filth are doing is more of a kind of monopolistic, corporations-only type of socialism.
That is entirely backwards and wrong. Socialism by definition involves control by the state, which in turn typically involves things like "elections". Corporations may have a similar organizational structure to the state, but the absence of elections counts for a lot.

Thank you for your wisdom, kindly negro man.
"They're never gonna do that to me again..."
I was hoping it would take a really dark turn there.
Yeah... sure.

Have fun earning poverty wages, getting fired whenever they feel like it, having little or no benefits, and no voice in your own employment while a small percentage of upper management and investors reap the rewards of YOUR hard work.

I've worked both union and non-union jobs before, and I'd have to say union every time.

Dumb old unions, taking your money and giving it to political campaigns...

oh shi
Oh, but I voted for them.

shouldn't they be, like, working? Get back to work. Also, I read the Youtube popup title as "wal-mart bashes unicorns."
Try this: Hand out a Jack Chick tract to one checker, and then hand out a union pamphlet to another. Stand back from a safe distance and watch the fireworks.
Unions bled the automakers dry. I'm glad I live in a right to work state and never was forced into a union.
I worked at a company that had unions and didn't join, and all the union seemed to do was keep people who deserved to get fired from being fired.
The Faghorn
I bet you were kicking yourself all the way to the unemployment line after that.

ROBBER BARONS WERE JUST TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE!!! But unions fucked it up. If we can't pay people slave wages we are not being competitive in the global economy!

Unions had they're time, but they are not very relevant anymore.

I quit that job because I better one came around. There was no unemployment line for me.

I can deal with your obvious trolling, but next time you mix up "they're" and "their," I will hunt you.

Little grammar mistakes like that happen all the time. I rarely make them, but I think I'll make it again so you will hunt me. You'll think your doing the hunting. But BAM! You get it from the IRL tough guy!

i see what you did there

"Unions used to take 5% of my 17 bucks an hour. Now that I'm free of their grip I can keep all 8 for myself."
Torture the Artist
Do you honestly believe Wal Mart cashiers would be making 17 an hour if they had a union?

Rape Van Winkle
When I was younger and worked at Fred Meyer, the manager who hired me put me in at a lower union level than was appropriate for my experience. He told me I was in the higher level. I've never known if it was dishonesty or incompetence on his part.

Then, when I'd worked enough hours for my union raise, I found out that, at the level he'd put me in, they didn't get that raise. I'd have to work twice as long, for a raise half the size.

The human resources woman looked into it and told me what had happened, with genuine sympathy. She told me my only recourse was with the union.

So I filed a grievance, and they didn't do shit. I asked the union rep what I had been paying dues for then, and he laughed in my face.

So I dislike wal-mart, but I dislike the other side just as much.

Seriously though, if you guys ever get a big retail job like this and you just want to waste time and not have to work...

...do exactly what these guys did and talk smack on unions to the upper management, they'll be more than happy with telling you horror stories or whatnot and be too busy to notice you are not at your post.
A union is like a lawyer. You can have a shit lawyer or a great lawyer. If you have a shit one, you get rid of him and get a better lawyer. You don't get rid of him and then sit in the courtroom without any representation at all.

Getting rid of all unions based on the fact that some suck is like getting rid of all lawyers because some suck, but letting the corporations keep teams of dozens of legal experts going into the courtroom against you.

If your union sucks, get involved and change it.
Rape Van Winkle
I am all for eliminating lawyers, as they have all resisted my attempts to get inside and change them.

But you voted for a union?
Fuck you, I didn't! There wasn't an election, there was just cards to sign.
And you signed a card?
Well, yeah, but... it was a card. That's not even like a voting sheet or whatever. I just did it cause they were bugging me and shit and I figured they'd leave me alone.
Lauritz Melchior
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