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Desc:mentally ill + apartment +you tube account + door to door salesman (direct energy)
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:paranoia, mental illness, salesman, Chinyere
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dummm dumm dummmmm

Tuan Jim
This is incredible.

Directed energy weapons?
Tuan Jim
Also, how old is the crazy lady?

I always imagine them as being old, no matter how the voice sounds.

What were they like when they were younger?

A different, younger flavor of crazy?

Sometimes schizophrenics are young.

Schizophrenics usually start young. The disease almost always manifests well before 25.

For the young you have to use a laser, or a plasma cannon, but with the elderly you can rig up some Soviet made psychotronic emitters and slowly kill them with cats.

Mental Illness and the internet go together like BOOM!
Syd Midnight
The comments just encourage her
That's the great thing about the internet. Before when schizos would complain to someone on the street that a celebrity was stalking them through their TVs, the guys in the white van would be summoned and he/she would go on a long vacation.

Now they post on the internet where a bunch of crazies see it and say "OMG ME TOO!"

There was a murder here in Ohio several years ago.

A professor was getting out of his car one morning and a woman ran up out of nowhere and hacked him to death with a sword.

The woman explained to the police that she didn't really kill a human being. No, he was a sentient AI. An Agent from the Matrix.

Yes, she believed that the movie was real.
Syd Midnight
I've got to say, first time I saw The Matrix, I thought "Holy shit is this going to set off the paranoid schizophrenics"

My mother is like this and she's in the middle of a psychotic episode right now. It's pretty funny, but it's much, much funnier when it's somebody else's problem. And they post it on Youtube.

You think your mother going through a psychotic episode is funny?

Well, videotape it and put it on YouTube so we can get some pleasure out of your family tragedy.

Finding my mother's degradating mental state hilarious is would be a pretty good coping strategy, but actually I was lying - it's not very funny, mostly sad and infuriating. Generally her insanity is pretty benign and tame - not youtube-worthy. Lately she's been leaving out wine glasses filled with water, each one representing a member of the family. She 'blesses' them and covers them with a cloth so the water stays pure. The rest of the house is a sty - half-eaten food everywhere and towels all over the floor. I actually get on better with her when she's like this though - she's a bitter, narcissistic bitch who drags everybody else down when she's 'normal', when she's psychotic I'm her only ally in a world that's out to get her. :) :) :)

The person trying to get her to let him in is from a Canadian company called Direct Energy. They ask to see your electric bill and try to sell (trick) you into buying electricity from them in bulk with fixed rates. The beauty of this is that they are sketchy and the name of the company has the word energy in it. For a paranoid person who is afraid of energy weapons this is kind of perfect.
There is probably some guy who dates her, and is constantly at a battle with himself between getting some and getting killed in his sleep with direct energy weapons.
These people seriously need to get over themselves. But not before I get tired of these videos.
Syd Midnight
Paranoia can be egotism in self defense, because you have to have a huge sense of self-importance to think the world even cares enough about you to be out to get you when in reality if you keeled over dead nobody would notice until neighbors reported a foul odor weeks later.

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