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Desc:You are this man's inspiration
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:teeth, EMOTION, hoobastank
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Comment count is 17
no woman can resist this
I don't think he cares if the women can resist or not.

And I thought his off-key singing and 1:06 would be enough reason for him to do a re-take...
You mean his off key singing throughout the song right? The kid only stays on 50% of the time. Also, watch until the end, there is a funny ending to this other than the pathetic singing.

You made it that long??

I just checked out his other videos.
I think I'm a masochist.
That is a SERIOUS coin slot he's got going there. Top to bottom!
Jay's face was perfectly bifricated with his gap and blood bindi.
Robin Kestrel
'The Reason' by Hoobastank: is there any song more whiny than this? No.
Every song by Staind?

PS: Jesus dude download a fucking MP3 of your shitty whinerock ballad already.

No Jay B, the reason is you. It was you all along.
I assume this guy is from a broken home, otherwise, his dad would be in there yelling about how he's making an idiot of himself for all time.
not everyone can have the support and love of piano cat in their lives.

this is why you should cherish everyday you have with your own piano cat.

eight seconds five stars
punch drunk babies
5 fir the buffering. Also, who....bastank
punch drunk babies
er for, that is. dammit

I kind of wish the door would hit him where the good lord split him.
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