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Desc:British grindcore legends appear on BBC children's show about music.
Category:Arts, Classic TV Clips
Tags:BBC, awkward, grindcore, napalm death, Craig Charles
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Comment count is 16
!!!! indeed.
And here I thought that the public-access Siege footage was Youtube's grindcore holy grail...
hey it's Lister
A fresh faced pre-crack Lister.

Why are the lyrics so hard to understand? Because "enunciation" has no place in Hardcore. Unless you're Mike Patton or something.
Goethe and ernie
Napalm Death aren't a hardcore band, Mike Patton's never been in a hardcore band. Are you sure you know what you're talking about?

This is how much PoE has affected my brain:

I kept expecting the Carlton dance.
Goethe and ernie

They're still this good live too.
Napalm Death is an example of a band that I didn't like until the shitty music of the 90's and first half of this decade tanked the bar so far that I consider anything with a chord change to be genius.
Syd Midnight
I didn't listen to much grindcore, but the first few Carcass albums ruined everything else for me. Napalm Death wasn't quite as good as "Symphonies of Sickness". Carcass sucks now, did Napalm Death get better?

Huh...when I submitted You Suffer But Why, it got one-starred off the front page by idiots.

The clip you posted was the studio version of the song, dubbed over an Imovie collage. Those never fare well here, even with songs long enough that the Imovie clip would actually take time to make.

Plus, you called it "death metal."

Someone should clarify whether these guys are either self-parodying or just the most pretentious assholes to ever live.
Syd Midnight
British schoolchildren must be made of pretty tough stuff if that video didn't cause any seizures.
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