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Category:News & Politics
Tags:BBC, Mayor, clueless, peter davies, the jesse ventura of doncaster
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Leave Peter Davies Alone!
Why aren't they interrupting each other? Why aren't they ignoring each other’s questions and trying to filibuster? It's as if they’re trying to have an actual dialogue. As an American this confuses/angers me.
Awesome. The Jesse Ventura of Doncaster.
Timothy A. Bear
Immediately off to a bad relationship with the media.

That is worthy of a tag.

Goethe and ernie
50% of me too angry to properly rate this, 50% of me really happy to hear someone pointing out to this cunt what an idiot he is. It's nice to see these idiots getting voted in and rapidly discovering that all the shit they bang on about, they can't actually do.
Is there a mechanism for removing English civic leaders before their term is up? This guy could well become the first small town mayor to be assassinated outside of the third world or Louisiana.

Ah, you repeated yourself there.

You are finding out now. I'm telling you. You can't do it.
LOL I love how he turned this guy's manifesto into a worthless list of false promises.
Sammy Barnathan
That was good.
WTF Britain, you used to lead the world in wacky joke candidates, and when you actually elect one, he turns out to not have any pronounced opinions on feeding dogs glow in the dark food so people don't step on their turds at night.
Dan Druff
This pretty much reveals the stupidity of most of these right-wing rallying points.

Either they're contrary to basic human rights (translation services), make more money than they cost (gay pride), or simply won't happen (grandstanding about salary). And in any case none of them really costs much at all in the first place so cutting them tends to leave you deeper in the red than when you started.

I love how he says he's going to cut "PC jobs" and can't even name a single position that qualifies.
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