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Desc:Sleep well poeTV!!!
Tags:Shaye St. John, nightmare fuel
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Comment count is 17
karl hungus
that was certainly unexceptional.
La Loco
I love her videos. OMG!
Was there a point to this?

We know who Shaye St. John is. Tag shit properly.
Not until I hear a "please".



omgee omgee omgee omgee
Automatic 5 stars for Shaye St John
The best thing about the videos is how realistically filth the house is
Beyonce Knowles
No it's the music.

Wow, that was the most artistic representation of the internet I have ever seen.
I don't know who makes all the Shaye St John videos but they're fucked up.

This is one of the less fucked up ones.
Syd Midnight
Yeah not the best Shaye St John video but certainly representative

This person has been fully possessed and taken over by an internet meme. It has entered through the senses and divided itself so much that it has erased the entire personality complex of the host. The only known cure is omg.

This should be the "blue screen of death" for Windows 7.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Michael Jackson never did manage to pick himself up again, did he?
Hey, I heard you were doing that hand thing?
Forget 2 girls 1 cup, leave this thing going in a bedroom during a drunken frat party and tape the couples stumbling in on it.
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