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Desc:The beginning of a beautiful relationship. Warning: may cause you to feel old.
Category:Classic TV Clips, News & Politics
Tags:Jon Stewart, Daily Show, George W. Bush, 1999, selflessness of politics
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Comment count is 14
Pretty amazing how 8 years of Bush has taken such a toll on everyone, including himself.
Wow, Jon gets a lot nicer suits now.

I remember when the daily show was like this...mems....
This show was better with Kilborn.
Syd Midnight
I remember thinking "What a shitty replacement, he's the opposite of Kilborn, now this show will tank like Talk Soup." Ahahaha.

Spike Jonez
"But Craig Kilborn's new show is gonna be awesome!" LMFAO

Do you think, had he seen the future, Jon Stewart would have taken his children and left, forever?
My God, he's a baby. Seeing this makes me feel like we all survived this horrible thing together that aged us prematurely and made us into people we wouldn't have recognized. The Bush presidency is kind of our WWII.
Pretty much.

Stars for this. I had a cute remark, but suddenly I just feel like a bitter old woman.

incorrect. Bush lasted longer than WWII

Caminante Nocturno
Overall, I found this clip to be very depressing.
he looks like he is too young to wear a suit! he looks like he is swimming in it!
Good god that feels like it was 25 years ago
aside from how young he looks, i'm mostly struck by his much more outward bias. he used to really be the hack they that they now claim he is.
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