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Desc:A compilation of the ten druggiest cereal commercials
Tags:cereal, drugs
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nintendo is for breakfast now
for Circus Fun
Guys dressed as raisins is the most trippy? What about all the rainbows and shit you get with lucky charms and fruit loops?

Also, I always wanted that Nintendo cereal as a kid, but they never carried it in the local grocery stores.
Yeah loses a star because of that. We were promised Froot Loops ads by the teaser image!

you could probably make an entire compilation of trippy frootloops ads. I'd do it, but I'm a lazy, lazy man
The Townleybomb
Eh, I've seen trippier. Still, +1 for featuring Klaus Nomi's long-forgotten Alpha Bits commercial.
Caminante Nocturno
I remember enough of these commercials to know that they left out the trippiest parts from many of them.
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