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Desc:A short horror film by LilNiceWolf
Category:Short Films, Horror
Tags:Sweden, eclipse, adventure, LilNiceWolf, boogeyman
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Syd Midnight
"A nerd is taking a break on some rocks inside a quiet forest.In a moment,heaven goes from bright to twilight or dusk.Is a Solar Eclipse diminishing the sun?From nowhere,a ghost with mask comes.The creepy creep sneaks onto the geek and strikes him bloody.When the sunshine returns,the phantom killer is afraid and scared.He flees and hides not to get hurt.The other is wounded on the head,neck and shoulders.The victim is dizzy and confused.Never again he will go unprotected without protection or rubber boots.He will be a soldier with weapons like gun,pistol,rifle,sword,shotgun or knife.Desperate for revenge,he seeks the abuser just forward some trees.He suprises his perpetrator and sinks him with an enormous stake or branch.The loser is lying still complete frozen.The winner jump and scream in triumph.Now is the best occasion ever.He walk with smiling cheeks and smile to every girl and woman he meet."

what just happened
de bogey man came! he hit me!


Ok, I'm having a hard time figuring out what the fetish is in this one.
Syd Midnight
He's not a fetishist, he's just really really really weird. I'm still not sure if it's artsy weird or insane weird, both I think. His search engine looking titles cause his videos to be surrounded by mega creepy porn in "related searches". I dig his style.


He's totally a fetishist! There's a mud fetish in there and also a gay prison thing... But he pushes the envelop into some pretty uncharted territory.

Succeeds despite the absence of Halloween, devils, reapers, cannibals, zombies, garbage, beds, cemeteries, or teams.
This is the exact intersection between Tim and Eric and The Mighty Boosh. And, uh, Holland.
at first i was like oh i'm glad he has a friend to be the the bogeyman in his video, but then i realized
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