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Desc:Satan works through inanimate objects like Ouija boards, crystals balls, cards and bad 80s music.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Religious
Tags:satan, christianity, occult, Everything is Terrible
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Comment count is 13
JESUS CHRIST!I feel a sudden urge to listen to Iron Maiden and slaughter the innocent on a floating table. JESUS CHRIST!
Vestigial Johnson
so this is what Darryl Hammond is up to nowadays?
Rock is Satanic. The awesomeness of Rock can be measured in millisatans.
Caminante Nocturno
I think he's trying to cover up the fact that his god can't lift a table.
He loses all credibility as an occult expert the moment he says 'tarot' like 'carrot'.

This would have been a lot better if he'd brought up spontaneous human combustion and blamed it on Satan.

"Well la-di-da-da. I can set people on fire by myself. If all my God could do was set people on fire, I wouldn't be that impressed."
I guess my Messiah is "Shitmotherfuckerpisswhoregoddamnitfuckinghammerpieceofshitcuntbag ."

I can only hope that was an onscreen stroke at 1:32.

What does this guy listen to? Barry Manilow?
So... Jesus is god because he's used as a cuss word?

"Jesus Christ, Marcus Gnaeus Cincinnatus! You really hammered my toe!"

"Oh, does that mean we're Christians now, P. Rufus Cadmillus?"

"Truly, the great god Pan is dead."
Billy the Poet
Me and Terri Nunn are riding on the Metro... to hell.
Well, I certainly agree with him that Satan has been the driving force behind Kenny Loggins' musical career for the last three decades.
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