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Desc:you may have noticed he's 'dropped some pounds'
Tags:fat, TFL, dwayne holloway, nipple flares
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Comment count is 21
Nipple flares! PEW PEW!
Sudan no1
also his moobs are huge and stuff

This made me laugh out loud.

I want all of this merchandise. And I want to pay no more than for it.
Bill is handing em out for free.

I needed to not see this directly after the video of that cow having a massive abscess drained. Because now all I see is Dwayne deflating like a balloon and filling his room with liquid Dwayne.

Oh god. Oh god. It's 2 in the morning, I'm going to bed soon. My dreams are going to haunt me forever.

Counterpoint: "reconstructuring"
Caminante Nocturno
Liquid Dwayne?



Ah yes, the no salt and water diet.

Also, did he really just edit out an unknown length of time so that we wouldn't see him struggling to stand up and show off his shirt?
Freeman Gordon
my gawd how boring
a flaming monkey
I like the lightning bolts kissing the edge of the logo. It gives it a mythic, timeless quality and a sense of the power.
WOMEN! *fist thrusts into center of frame from the right* FIND! *second hand thrusts into center of frame from the left*
US! *third hand thrusts into center of frame from the top* SEXUALLY! *fourth hand thrusts into center of frame from the bottom* REPULSIVE!!!! *fists strike in center in frame as blue lightning envelops flabby, butter-fed arms*

I can only imagine what vile creature they summon with their powers combined.

His "diet" consists of cutting back on salt and water. One day he's going to notice that breathing in makes his stomach protrude, and there will be a tragic event.
You can tell he's really dropped some poundage because he looks like an upright mound of flesh and flab instead of a big fat worm-thing stretched out on a filthy mattress.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
*places order*

Say what you will about TFL but they've got NICE PENS, MAN.
Economical Crisis? ... you live on welfare, you thick fuck!

There is SALT in government cheese, incidentally.
Can you buy the nipple flare shirt now? I'd like to wire in some nipple lighting.
Fighting is half the battle?

Smooth gentile?!!?
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