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Desc:We accept him, we accept him, one of us, one of us
Category:Pets & Animals, Stunts
Tags:pride, lions, dont try this at home, animal behavior, lion pride
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Comment count is 13
i could do this
La Loco
Can I eateh hooman?

Waiting for the inevitable bear guy demise.
I apologize for the dupiness. http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=55802
Sammy Barnathan
Damn, I don't even get to inform with smug satisfaction of the dupe now.

I'm just amazed he still hasn't been eaten yet. Those lions are rubbish!

Well it's from your downvote in the hopper that I realized it might have been a dupe, and then I did a better job of dupe-checking. So you can still feel proud to have made a difference.

(oh and by dupe-checking I mean I checked your submitted videos page and it was right there, but we both kind of suck at tags)

i wanna play
they bite with teeth though!

Gamara II
Amazing ... I bet they're very very very well-fed.
This is pretty neat for an animal that is down with eating humans. Maybe they're PETA lions and intend to kill him in secret later.
Jet Bin Fever
balls the size of cantaloupes
must resist...caps...kisy face...gigantic kitty....
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