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Desc:Parade Kid needs your help.
Tags:dance, autism, celebrity, Parade Kid, Elf
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Comment count is 7
For some reason, I always get the Chris Elf mixed up with Chris-Chan and originally assumed the former is some slender, pre-oxycontin addiction version of the latter. Like 1950's Elvis vs. 1970's Elvis.
Alright who tricked this poor kid into thinking he wanted to be on a billboard. Probably the same person who tricked him into posting his mental illness and paper ears on the Youtubes.

-1 for sad.
hey! parade kid doesn't need anyones help to show off his mental illness!!

Future anthropologists, meet your nemesis.
I would do anything in my power to make it possible for Chris to have a 20-second bit that runs before the movie at my local cineplex.
He seems so forlorn. :(
Syd Midnight
The inability to modulate his voice would be unfortunate if not for his awesome southern accent.
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