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Desc:Let's take a peek at domestic bliss with polypropylene string breast implants.
Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:BBC, breast implants, dead soulless eyes, Minka, polypropylene
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Comment count is 22
She needs to get rid of the dead weight. And not only her husband.
Seriously. What a prick.

Jet Bin Fever
I did an internet search about this lady after watching, and I regret it. Areola the size of pancakes, and I'm not talking the silver dollar kind either. Maybe she got those "enhanced" too.
Disgusting all around.
Louis Armstrong
Nothing sweet about those sacks of sugar.

Areola are made of thinner skin than the rest that surrounds the breasts. They stretch out very easily with large tits, especially when there isn't enough support.

as long as she's not fat...
Caminante Nocturno
I am vindicated.
No, this only proves what Rick Ducommun said;

"Breast implants don't age very well with their owners"

15 years ago, Minka was pretty hot. Now she looks like a muppet made from over-tanned leather.

Oh sure, find the most ridiculous counter-example on the face of the Earth. WELL PLAYED SIR.

Girl needs a rope-and-pulley system to move those things around, like they had for the pyramids.


Minka has always looked creepy.

10 more years!
busty meat slut sounds sort of like a flavor of Slim Jim

Youtube ftw:

"Woody is my hero! He's living the dream.
I wish I owned my own Busty Meat Slut. "
I really really REALLY don't understand the appeal. For either party.

B. Weed
Is there a signin for those of us who don't have YouTube accounts?
My five for the horrified look on his face when she makes him touch her boobs
Sacks of sugar being the standard measurement for hideous nightmare tits.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Debatable use of the word "enhanced."
it is nice to see such a healthy and stable marriage based on a foundation of love, commitment, and the biggest set of tits i've ever seen on an asian woman.

it is this kind of love that gay marriage would DESTROY.

Robin Kestrel
Fun fact: the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) weighs as much as two bags of sugar.*

* two 93,500,000-pound bags of sugar
she could knock herself out doing cartwheels.
I like how the boobs are not nearly as interesting as the domestic banter.
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