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Desc:My concern is the sensabilities of a certain distinct and viable part of Canadian society.
Category:Crime, Classic Movies
Tags:french, English, John Candy, Dan Akroyd, Canadian Bacon
Submitted:Louis Armstrong
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Comment count is 13
Romanes Eunt Domus.
John Candy was Michael Moore's Muse. I really would have loved to see Fahrenheit 911 starring John Candy.
The world would have been such a better place had Michael Moore stuck with this type of political satire.

After John Candy's utterance of "Oh jeez. Oh jeez. Oh jeez," I'm convinced he influenced the Peter Griffen from Family Guy.
This was my favorite part of this movie. It was also my favorite part of Life of Brian.
And I agree with all the people that are about to disagree with me and say that this scene is completely different than "Romans Go Home" because you don't actually see the translation take place, and that was the joke in that bit. That's a good point.
This is a wonderful 2nd favorite scene in the movie.
This is by far the best Michael Moore documentary.
This was by far his most objective doc.

Innocent Bystander
hey guys michael moore is also fat


Ah, the Clinton years, when American money was still worth something.
Now we have to say, I don't know, I guess "Queerer than Argentinian money." How we doin' against--what the hell they got in Argentina, anyhow? Another kinda peso? How we doin' against the llama spit?

mange mes briefs
john candy, my favorite fat comedian. he looks just like my dad.
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