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Desc:Unedited rushes of an interview with gay writer Quentin Crisp
Category:Arts, News & Politics
Tags:gay, homosexual, queer, quentin crisp
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Tuan Jim
First thought: This man is very, very Britishly gay down to the last jot and tittle.

Second thought: The interviewer has some amazing crazypants questions. "Heterosexuals are afraid that...homosexuals might be very good rulers."

Third thought: This man's ideas on homosexuals are very different than what I am used to hearing in 21th century America. I'm not sure how he was received in his day in Britain, but it's interesting.

Post Script:
"It is very hard for homosexuals to care about others."

Tuan Jim
From wikipedia:

"Crisp attempted to join the army at the outbreak of the Second World War, but was rejected and declared exempt by the medical board on the grounds that he was 'suffering from sexual perversion'. He remained in London during the 1941 Blitz, stocked up on cosmetics, purchased five pounds of henna and paraded through the blackout, picking up GIs, whose kindness and open-mindedness inspired his love of all things American."



Yeah, that's really a bizarre confluence of events right there.

Syd Midnight
Our Boys needed blowjobs. He did his part for God and Queen.


Weird, I was actually going to submit this a few days ago.
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