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Desc:Here you go, don't say Anonymous never did anything for you.
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:Matrix, asian, knot, tie, minutiae of daily life
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"minutiae of daily life" tag has earned an extra 2 stars.
Robin Kestrel
"People think it's some French thing."

People think you don't know how to tie a goddamn tie, Henry.

Notice that even though he's a short guy, he still does not have enough tie left to reach the top of this belt line, hence the vest.

If you are a vest kind of guy and for some reason want to look like you are wearing a cravat, GET A CRAVAT.
ehh, no one really knows enough about tie knots on this continent to condemn a person for having a strange one so he should be fine. At least he has an alright shirt (and by alright i mean at least its not blue) and a vest that seems to fit.

I agree with ebola, but what the hell kind of beardo crap is bias getting into here?

uhhh, non dragon t-shirt based fashion?

so... wolf shirts, then?

Anonymous never did anything for me.
Anonymous never did anything INTERESTING for me.

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