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Desc:Joe Cracker discusses his big plans, whines about lack of donations, talks through a sock puppet.
Category:Horror, Business
Tags:light of courage, joe_cracker, sock puppet, crackasize, NES rom maker
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Comment count is 11
Some 5 years onward and he hasn't changed at all, except there's an extra layer of sad permeating in the atmosphere for this video. 5 for the lecture about old, dated Nintendo crap through a sockpuppet.

I'm glad he's still trying to get the TRUE LOC out.

p.s. Please tag Joe Cracker as Joe_Cracker for tag consistency please.
Done. I found it odd that "Joe Cracker" wasn't linking to anything.

Still possibly my favorite poe exhibit btw.

He looks normal and sane in this. Unless you'd seen his old stuff, you might not realize the simmering pots of crazy and ineptitude beneath the service.

He's definitely one of the best exhibits.

I bet when this guy corners you at a party, drunk, he has a lot of interesting stories about things.
Things being 1992 DIC cartoons.

The layer of sad is so thick I could cut it with a knife. Let it go, man. Move on with your life.
We had our fun with him, and we moved on. But he is still desperate, hopeful, and autistic. Schaudenfreude's fallout =(
Smiling from ear to ear here. It's nice to see that when Poe Red is dead and buried at least one exhibit will be doing the same thing he was doing 3 years ago.
I missed out on most of POEs glory days... woe...
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