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Desc:oh god
Category:Video Games
Tags:SNK, street smart, horrible videogame
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Comment count is 24
Was that one guy seriously the entire game?
no, then karateman went on to take supporting roles in such greats as Art of Fighting and King of Fighters.

Too bad you have to pay another quarter to play those at that point ..

How exactlywere they supposed to to get him in that tiny ambulance? Oh, never mind, they just drove on without getting out (must have been a bad neighborhood).
so the game is to beat guys up and steal their girlfriends? this is better than drugs? yeah, i guess so.
Jet Bin Fever
awful awful, and not in an entertainingly awful way.
You beat someone up. I hereby crown you KING OF FOOTBALL AND WOMEN!

Caminante Nocturno
Just take the damn water bottle from her already, you idiot.
Spit Spingola
God, the music.

I laughed but I also fast forwarded through his twenty hour long fight with giant red pants robo arm paddy cake man.
Louis Armstrong
Its side scrolling Duke Nukem, nobody steals my chicks.
Dr. Lobotomy
At least Joe and Mac fought dinosaurs to get their harem back.

But still, 8 girls is 7 more than every other side scrolling street fighters.
So wait that giant at the end was a pedophile?
Sudan no1
That lady is a grown ass woman, look at those fine gams.

i was hoping that the last part was going to be like the bonus stage in Street Fighter II where you beat up a car but with chicks instead of a Cadillac
Am I missing something? That was just footage of some piece of crap game from the 1800s.
brujas y mothman
The exciting, violent locations of New York, DC, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, Phoenix, LA, and... Sacramento?
Sacramento is a shitty town.

Goethe and ernie
Sacramento is fucking dead

j lzrd / swift idiot
Beat up guys, get mad pussy. Cool. WHAT?
Was that a scramble suit at the beginning?

feel the wrath of Captain Paletteswap, Hard Wear Koike and The Iron Pattycake!
Ah yes, the fantasy at the heart of every Mongoloid - congress with the cream of Aryan womanhood.
Champion Ship
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