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Desc:You either had one or you wanted one!
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:canada, 80s, Commodore, mozart, Commodore 64
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Comment count is 14
I was fine with my Coco.

Yeah? Well, I enjoyed the company of my Apple IIe hand-me-down. I wouldn't say i adored it, but it did load zork 1-3 in less than 5 minutes, so eat it!
Yes! So much better than the spectravideo SVI-318 home computer my parents bought me ;(
Mother Lumper
The monitor in that commercial looks like the 1702 model, for its time it was an incredible display. I still use mine on an almost weekly basis, has chroma/luma inputs in the back for s-video. I'm going to be very sad if it ever stops working.
Timothy A. Bear
That's amazing.

I used a 1701 hooked up to a VCR as a TV through most of college. While the internal circuitry was vastly different, the main practical difference between the 1701 and the 1702 was the 1701 had terrible EM shielding.

I wound up using the 1541 as a doorstop.

Syd Midnight
C64 had no kind of DOS so the 1541 had its own CPU, RAM, and power supply. It freaked out and sounded like a shipwreck when it had errors.

Yeah my first thought on seeing this was "holy shit 1702". I've had one since the mid-80s and it still works perfectly; That was one hell of a well-built piece of kit.

C64 power supplies, however, were an entirely different matter. I had several fail on me and they were filled with epoxy making them mostly unservicable.

The keyboard controller in mine kept on failing. My dad ended up desoldering it and installing a socket so that every time it failed I could just fix it myself. We had a big box of them.

Ah, memories.

Back when computers were hard to use because they were hard to use, not because they didn't work the way they were supposed to.
C. Eloi Marx
Remember to get the rust-proofing, these babies will rust up on you like that!
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
As if anybody did more than play games and maybe noodle with basic on those things.
Spit Spingola
Why did Paul McCartney write this song?
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