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Desc:A Watchmen-themed 'burlesk.' I don't know either.
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:watchmen, watchwomen, watch star spangled pasties
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Comment count is 34
wow... this sucks...
I agree with nearly every comment. I wanted to like this, I really did. But *sigh* still gets 5 stars on the evil scale. I'm a little disappointed that Silk Siren wasn't a man. I thought The Comedian was good until she showed off her boobs. Ugh... I want to stop thinking about this.

Alan Moore probably preferred this.
Comic nerdery plus half-naked women should be so much better than this. Maybe there's no God after all.
at least the women shouldn't be so chubby

i'm more disturbed by what appears to be a GIANT FUCKING BRUISE on that one girl's hip in the preview image. did she fall off her bike or something?

I'm sure half of these women were at one time members of a roller derby team. Both roller derby and "burlesque" seem to be avenues through which girls who aren't particularly attractive get to explore their sexuality while maintaining an edge of hip irony.

i accept your postulation. i also propose that dr. & mrs. manhattan is by far the most desirably constructed of this lot.

"at least the women shouldn't be so chubby"

Most women in burlesque are chubby.
Also, don't tell me you didn't expect it.
They aren't that bad though, this just sucks. Wonderfully.

A "k" in "burlesque" is like a "y" in "vampire" or a "k" in "magic." It denotes an extra special level of pretentious faggotry.

(incidentally, the funniest part of this to me is how the Silk Spectre outfit is actually LESS sexualized than the "real" one.)

I just assumed it denotes really poor spelling.

Ah, Scott and Joe. I used to know these guys twenty years ago. They were in a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in New Jersey.

Good to see they are still hanging around scanitly-clad fat chicks.
kill it with fire
Hugo Gorilla
Oh, sugah rain; you so crazy.

Louis Armstrong
Saw video today "Watchwomen". Didn't like. Didn't hate. hrrrrmmmm.
the audience will look up and say "TAKE IT ALL OFF' and I'll whisper....no...

rating is less for chubby ladies, more for the godawful cover of Goblin's "Suspiria" theme.
I voted this up in the hopper because it's so terrible.
The awful Suspiria theme remake. (wtf does that have to do with Watchmen?) The lifeless, awkward performance. The fact that the female Dr. Manhattan has clothes on. (I know, I know, it would leave them with nowhere to go) The women aren't unattractive, but they seem incapable of undressing in a sexy manner without it coming off like they are robots who have been just given a command to remove their clothes.
"The awful Suspiria theme remake. (wtf does that have to do with Watchmen?)"

I thought both of them were the coolest thing ever when I was 14.

I have a pretty good feeling you're not going to find a more satisfying answer than that.

I'm not sure which evil I'm five-starring: the shitty video, or all the sharp knees comments.
Both? Hurm.

Bitter with a side of Rice
I don't know if this is done in jest or desperate, serious intensity. Either way, it is awful. That's why it gets the stars.
blurs the distinction between stoopid and stupid
What? I can't masturbate to this.
Unwatchable Watchwomen
I'll look up to youtube for something to beat off to

and they'll say, "No"

This is almost exactly like the Easter production at the local Church this year. Seriously. Only with women, and less Evanesence.
I vote for replacing "watch star spangled pasties" with "All American Ta-Tas".
Wow. I love that it was able to convey the layers of imagery in a coldwar 80s setting with all of the subt... fuck it this is awful.

Goth Burlesque : Burlesque :: Goth circus : circus

that is, a confused remake of something we as a culture are trying to forget

Dear anyone who will listen: If what you are doing artistically in any way resembles a Tim & Eric skit: stop, turn around, get a job.
I agree. For the love of God, no more Tim and Eric.

Testicles of Doom
I laughed steady for two whole minutes while tears ran down my cheeks. Then I felt sad.

That's worth four I guess.
Lies, lies, LIES!
I actually like burlesque, but this is... not good.
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