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Desc:GET UP!
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:Rave, glowsticks, life call
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Comment count is 7
She needs to do more than just lay there. The song isn't particularly funny. Not funny enough to make up for the video anyway.
exactly. I do not approve of this rising ytmnd music video trend.

Im sorry, I just dont know what I was supposed to enjoy about this experience.
Caminante Nocturno
Life Alert has trademarked that phrase, but they refuse to have anyone say it in their ads.
I liked it. Wanna fight about it?
A lot of missed potential. The video is terrible and the song is just generic rave with a few seconds of audio from the commerical. The commercial is gold for samples, so why not use the whole thing edited up?
I am completely amazed that this video has been able to garner ratings other than 1-star.

That would imply that people were actually able to watch the whole video without closing down the web-page in disgust.
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