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Desc:Jersey midget reports from Socialist America!
Category:News & Politics
Tags:crazy, socialism, propaganda buster, THEM DAR DEMOCRATS
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Comment count is 7
O'Black Obama? Black Panters? And something about wights (as opposed to wraiths which are much worse).
Caminante Nocturno
Everything about him makes me imagine a carefree leprechaun leaping out from behind a rainbow and talking to me about his insane politics.

He's dancing around as he talks, too.
I think he's guarding a pot of meth.

This guy is going to miss his bingo.
If Barney Rubble and Glenn Beck could ever conceive a child together....
Wait, a Republican is UPSET that someone insulted the French?

I have a friend who's a Republican here in Brooklyn who thinks FDR is one of the greatest presidents ever. When I told him that Obama was very much like FDR in many ways in terms of policy, he wouldn't even let me finish my sentence.

Republicans in this part of their country are their own animal. They are pro-Union... I just don't really get it. It has something to do with Vietnam and the fact that these guys are taxed to fucking hell. New Jersey is raped by the ACTUAL Republican states to pay for all their shit. It's only a matter time before they all figure it out.

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