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Desc:PR stunt by Dutch tampon manufacturer Libresse
Category:Advertisements, Educational
Tags:dutch, tampons, beaches, monthly visits
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Comment count is 21
I'd like some free tampons.

But I'd feel kinda bad about the fishies full of bloated tampons washing ashore the next day.
They go in your vagina.

My five are for the evil of dumping a bunch of these into the ocean.
It's the Dutch strategy for fighting the rise of the ocean level due to global warming.

you can also put them in your anus if you first soak them in vodka

add to this the evil of all the kids playing with them like toys for days after

who ever puts footage of this to Ride of the Valkyries wins a golden internet.
infinite zest
Do I win Bronze Internet? http://james.nerdiphythesoul.com/tragedy/?id=xTvWOfkR9oA

infinite zest
hey look at that Poopskin is now Infinite Zest! That's what I get for being a member of poe since fucking Sega Otaku and shit. I had university e-mail.. I like this name better anyway. Also I'm introducing myself in a thread for a video featuring tampons with parachutes. Thanks for 15 great years

infinite zest
Yay! http://tubedubber.com/#xTvWOfkR9oA:MvD0Vr-jt7Q:0:100:0:0:true

I like you more already. Golden internet withheld for lack of Valkyries. Bronze one for Fortuna in the mail.

I want to see Dr. Strangelove riding a giant tampon into the crowd.
Seems like a great way to get a sandy vagina.

I think the proper term would be Rug Bomb.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I love the Dutch so much.

Because by some synchronicitwi, I was listening to Beastie Boys when this was playing. It worked deadly well.
Just wait till Sarah Haskins sees this.
Those little parachutes are quality
No kidding, I wish I had one. And you know as long as we are wishing I wish this news report had fewer tampons and more hot girls in bikinis.

Some poor kid thinks it is a bunch of GIjoes....poor kid.

Not to mention this is going to speed up the "this is how babies are made" talk.
The Mothership
I love the Dutch. Their language is beautiful.
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