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Desc:Really. An effin' USB Chainsaw.
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:Chainsaw, usb, isaw
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Comment count is 10
An office filled with USB chainsaws is a polite office.
Nerds with laptops now have chainsaws.
Baby Finster
Fakey fake.
Yeah, obviously fake to anyone who knows anything about USB, but still kind of cute, making fun of all the weird usb-powered gadgets going around these days.

Oh, from the site, it's really a poorly-executed message from an environmentalist group hoping people will think about saving trees instead of printing hard copies of things they don't need.

She killed a tree.

I'll have to admit, the chainsaw would make the biggest impression in the way of killing your co-workers, but your points on the killing spree scoring system will go way down compared to just using a gun.
It's rather old, predates Columbine, even, but here it is:


Grace Mugabe
I'm sorry, but there's only one site for ranking spree killings:

oh my god, this site

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