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Desc:All action movie trailers should be in this format.
Category:Trailers, Classic Movies
Tags:Sylvester Stallone, cliffhanger, mountain climbing, John Lihtgow
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Comment count is 15
I miss the era of the stupid, massive budget actioneer that actually delivered on being a balls-out action film without trying to bother with a serious message or padding out it's run time with "actory" moments or obsessing over trying to be as pop-culture-referencey as possible.

Cliffhanger was a movie that deserved this kind of a trailer.
Actually the budgets paled in comparison to modern day blockbusters.

Which I never understood. Wasn't the whole point of CGI was that it was cheaper?

The problem with CG is that it's demands increased way beyond the capabilities of the technology of the time. So, in order to get the super quality ILM type stuff requires way more technical staff and rendering times sometimes bordering on the insane which equates to more money.

But, even with all that, CGI is still largely cheaper than old-school stunts and special effects. What drove the costs into the stratosphere on most productions was actors and people involved with the production asking for more money since the films were being made slightly cheaper. So, basically, CG is cheaper in a technical sense for most things, but the costs are made up somewhere else so the cost of making movies hasn't really gone down much. Everyone thought the move to digital would also dramatically reduce filmmaking costs too, and that didn't happen. (well, to be fair, it did for low budget, indie type stuff)

This was not a trailer, it was an avant-garde work of art. John Lightgow plays good villians.
Hollywood needs more evil Lithgow. He was wasted on that sitcom where he and French Stewart were gay lovers from mars or whatever that was.

Caminante Nocturno
This film had two surprises. One was John Lithgow playing a villain. The other was him being good at it.
Colonel Cowlung
Did you miss Buckaroo Bonzai?

I never saw this movie, but the goggles that let you see people inside mountains indicates it's a work of art.

The John Woo Action 101 manual is very clear on this. Add classical music to almost any action movie trailer and it will look good.
You misspelled John Lithgow in the tags.

I keep thinking I'm about to fight Wolfgang Krauser.
puddin p
"I have chiseled your gravestone, sleep well!"

A lot of you seem to be forgetting a little movie called Ricochet. If you want Lithgow villain, I don't think you can top that one.
Raising Caine?

Michael Houser
Of course he's played villains, jeez. John Lithgow can play ANYTHING. He could have been Gollum. He could be James Bond, dammit!
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