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Desc:Dunno if it's evil or not but I smiled
Category:Fashion, Religious
Tags:Star Wars, Disney, darth vader, MC Hammer, storm trooper
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Comment count is 14
Good. Gooooood.
it's Disney, so it's evil by default
The dark side has all the rhythm.
The dark side dances like this...

pressed peanut sweepings
Either incredibly evil or incredibly awesome.
I think I could accept George Lucas editing this into the original trilogy, doing this a few seconds after he kills Obi-Wan.
Join me Luke, and we will win the Big Dance-Off Competition as father and son.
the perfect melding of Disney Starwars Weekend and Disney Gay Days
It would take a fire to ruin my day now.
That's actually Hammer in the Vader git-up. He needs the money.
Imagine having to do that 30 times a day.
After losing two Death Stars in a row, Darth Vader is demoted to amusing the children of Imperial magistrates.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I like to think that all villains do dance numbers in their spare time. Taking over the universe demands fun time to relieve stress.
I agree. This is my worldview now. Somewhere, Putin, Doctor Doom, and Dick Cheney are blasting C&C Music Factory.

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