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Desc:The musical equivalent of the holocaust
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Lady Gaga, Emotronica, crabcore, rapping white guys, the worst music ever played
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Stars for the "emotronica" tag.
Adham Nu'man
No words can express the rage and digust I feel.

I hope I get to shit on their graves someday. All of them, including everyone who cheered in that crowd.
That's a lot of shit!

Don't worry, I will contribute shit for the cause.

I will grant that its a stage. However this must be some entirely foreign meaning of the words "smart" and "punk" than what the dictionary says.

I was a teenager during the era of Limp Bizkit and Drowning Pool. I even briefly thought Limp Bizkit was cool. I've seen Marilyn Manson, NIN, and Hole and thought they were the absolute tits. So I'm not saying I'm free from sins of taste. But this, I'm sure we can all agree, is a different order of wrongdoing. It's not right for young people to be this lame. God help us, what if it continues? Can you imagine what ten more years down this path will look like?
I'm pretty sure this mentality has been constant since around 1950.

Popular music has almost always been absolute shit, regardless of the generation. Good musicians still persist, however.

This is exceptionally mockable, though, given that the few vocal parts that were not autotuned were hilariously out of key. I get the feeling you could hand that equipment to a bunch of strangers, have them listen to the song a few times, and give a fairly similar demonstration.

Yeah, I'm not sure this is all that much worse than Pat Boone stealing R&B from black artists while stripping everything good from it.

That's what I'm saying. Never before in the whole history of man has there been a whole genre of music so obviously and objectively bad as whatever the hell this is. Pick your least favorite genre, and I guarantee you that even if you don't personally find it agreeable, you will find that it has some kind of musicality, aspires to a certain standard of quality, requires some kind of skill, has some metric by which good examples of the genre are distinguished from bad. Can you see any of that here? I swear to God I never thought I'd say this, but it's not music, it's just noise. And pretty fucking faggy noise, at that.

Limp Bizkit, Hole, and Drowning Pool suck as much shit as these douchebags.

I am astounded at how astoundingly bad this is.

Rock and Roll, where has your soul gone?
This is a "rock band" that uses that fuckingshitass autotune vocal effect... LIVE!! Which tells me this is a "rock band" that lipsynchs!! Guess what, fucktards, lipsynching is for dancers and talentless losers. Which one are you???

Someone deliver these assclowns to my fist, because that's the only thing in this world that can deliver the righteous fury that they deserve.
You seem to be forgetting that people are both buying their records and paying for them to perform. You would never have heard of them otherwise.

Hate the fans, not the band.

Oh come on. There's hate enough for both, surely.

Charmlessman: While Auto-tune is trademarked a Ableton/Cubase etc plug-in, standalone units for live pitch correction have been around for over a decade and sound about the same. A TC-Helicon VoiceTone would make the sound in live performance for under 0.

BTW, mistaken rating, there.

Godot, Autotube was originally a hardware unit back in the lat e90s, the plugin version is based on that and as far s I know the hardware unit is still around.


i'm officially too old for youth culture

also, can't stop vomiting
so why are we five starring this non-music if we hate it so much ?
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