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Desc:Fighting pirates who turn into robots!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Trailers
Tags:Anime, iron man, Marvel Comics, surprising lack of rape
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Comment count is 17
someone must activate the "surprising lack of rape" tag
Gagnon II
Just wait for the "Dr. Light" anime.

He's not nearly drunk enough to be Iron Man.
Wow. Iron Man in anime style? It will be interesting to see how they handle the subtle nuances of.....ah--High-fashion cyborg pirates. Thanks, Japan!
What subtle nuance? Tony Stark is a drunken weapons designer who somehow thinks that flying around in a man-sized jet beating up dudes in spandex justifies his war profiteering.

Good god, it's a metaphor for the Bush Administration.

And THat, my friend...IS the nuance.

*Puffs pipe*

5 weeaboo stars.
Pretending to be cool and hip must take a lot of energy huh?

I never understand these comments. Take a lot of energy? What?


Ahh, madhouse. I have such a love/hate relationship with you. I have since Gungrave. This looks like it will be retardedly fantastic, or fantastically retarded.
Anime I can watch and not feel like I need a shower afterwards.
This still looks better and more entertaining than that terrible thing on Nick or Cartoon Network or whatever that still looks like it's using the same animation engine as the MTV Spider-Man series and decided that the best way to follow up the Iron Man movie was to make Stark, Rhodes, and Potts teenagers, thus not cashing in on what the kiddees already knew continuity-wise from the film.

I mean, granted, transforming robot pirates, but still...
Caminante Nocturno
The Japanese version appears to be staying faithful to the original characters' ages, while the American version made them kids.


45 seconds of intro? For a 2 minute clip?
Am I the only one that noticed that the villain has turned a skyscraper and the surrounding city blocks into a ship armed with guns that fire cyborg ninjas? I don't understand how something so awesome could seem so lame. I blame Marvel, not Japan.
I don't think they'll be calling it Tetsujin even if they leave out the number 28. I'd be nice if they could get Masamune Shirow to direct this. I'd love to see Iron Man go up against bad guys from Ghost In The Shell. Still how can you miss with Iron Man fighting flying, cyborg, ninja, pirates?
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