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Desc:Amazing documentary follows the exploits of the most captivatingly awful humans that ever lived.
Category:Crime, Classic Movies
Tags:HBO, America Undercover, life of crime
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Comment count is 13
You guys sure permanently ruined your lives! Ah, memories.
Did anyone else start laughing uncontrollably when they decided to go out shoplifting and immediately went for bedsheets?
yeah, but they each made like 25 bucks.

these guys were total losers. It's bad enough what they did to society, but what they put their family and "loved ones" through is unexcusable.



Ah. Society.

I don't care if you think being behind the camera seperates you from what you're filming. When a guy starts beating on a girl, you put the fucking camera down and do something.
So, yeah. Evil.
Raoul Duke 138
Yeah...not really.

Anyway, five stars for the reminder that things have always been terrible.

I've stepped into fights like that and the girl will turn on you if she thinks you're going to attack her boyfriend. These people are stupid so stay away.

Syd Midnight
That true but that attitude got Hunter S. Thompson beat up by Hells Angels.

Consuela the Cuban Whore
"I shoulda listened ta Raaab. HAHAAAHH!!!" *tappitty-tap-tap* "DON'T DO IT!"
I would like to recommend everyone watch this despite the length.

The Life of Crime documentaries are the most depressing and hilarious pieces of film-making I've ever seen. HBO doesn't rerun these anymore, its not available on DVD, and I've searched for them on youtube before and only found it now.

I can't believe what this guy filmed without getting charged as an accessory to many, many crimes.
This is Trailer Park Boys, but real. Amazing!
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