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Desc:Wrestling's best-kept secret heels on Limp Bizkit fans by telling them the truth.
Category:Sports, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Limp Bizkit, ECW, 1990s, Steve Corino
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Comment count is 13
I can't believe that the WWE passed on hiring him.

I'll bet he would have sucked in WWE. He got his ass kicked in ECW, so he'd probably get destroyed in WWE. That's like saying a 3rd stringer in Arena Football should start for an NFL team.

-4 stars for Steve not beating the shit out of Limp Bizkit's lead singer. It would have made for a much more entertaining video.

+5 stars for you pretending not to know Fred Durst's name.

And a +5 to balance out tamago's stupid rating. Yeah, Durst was gonna allow himself to look like he was a loser in a fight in a PR stunt, whatever.

Meh, I'm sorry you were so upset by my rating.

I guess I could have looked up Fred Durst's name, but I was just lazy. And it wasn't so much not knowing as not remembering.

I just wasn't that impressed overall.

Also, I kind of got annoyed by all the curse words being bleeped out. I guess I should have mentioned that as well.

I mean, I understand why they did it and all, but I still was annoyed by it.

The worst part of being a wrestler is being expected to where tights every time you make a public appearance.
Where tights? Me need them, big wrestle match today.

Limp Bizkit and ECW. Does it get any more white people than this?
Consuela the Cuban Whore
He gigged for that shit? Poor Steeb Cadeedo.
Gigging is Corino's only notable move. He's "old-school."

So was his schtick that he's the whiny wrestler? What an awful mirror to hold up to America.
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