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Desc:just when you thought it was safe to stand up & salute the flag, uncle sam is back. with a vengeance
Category:Horror, Trailers
Tags:B-movie, patriotism, surprise uncle sam out of nowhere, Uncle Sam
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Comment count is 14
Uncle Sam played by Glenn Beck (uncredited)!

That would make my life complete.
Glenn Beck wouldn't kill tax cheaters.

I'd be pissed, too, if they started making headstones out of styrofoam.

And no Robert Z'Dar? WTF?
Also starring Robert Forester and P.J. Soles ... Awesome!
from the director of the Maniac Cop trilogy.
you may think this is a simple horror film but if you delve deeper into the hidden narrative layers there's a clear cautionary tale about big government, the inherent unfairness of taxation and
not having adequate health care?

the eroding of our liberties in the name of security?

This guy is a liberals worst nightmare. I'd like to team up with Uncle Sam and lay waste to San Francisco.
I saw this movie its awesome. And it stars an Oscar winner. Granted the Oscar wasn't for acting...

Republican murder-porn
All it needs is some naked little boys.

No, Republicans LOVE tax cheats. The income tax is unconstitutional and we should get rid of the IRS.

a billion stars for activating my favorite tag!

also this looks amazing
Testicles of Doom
It is amazing, and it has a fantastic ending.

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