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Desc:Welp, I'm excited now.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Spike Jonze, where the wild things are, maurice sendake
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Comment count is 14
Murice Sendak is rad.
>:( Maurice.

The initial trailer made this movie a must see.

Now, I'm going to have to steal the film reel, liquify it, and mainline it.
Anyone else really wish that they had a tiny sailboat like that one?
They get my eight dollars.
James Gandolfini is doing one of the voices, and thats enough for me.
Lauritz Melchior

I guess that I'm actually interested in seeing this after all.

And assuming that's the Karen O soundtrack playing in the background toward the end, it sounds like that's coming along nicely too.
When in Philly, be sure to to visit the Maurice Sendak Gallery at the Rosenbach Museum (Highlights include hate mail about the 1975 Really Rosie TV special).


Don't skip it in order to see the Liberty Bell, which is, quite frankly, more than a little Gay.
I was already gonna see this cause Spike Jonze is the shit, but now I'm... double gonna see it? I don't know.
Even as someone who didn't have this book as a significant part of their childhood, the combination of this and the trailer pretty much guarantees that I'll be there when it opens. If the movie sucks, I'll still have the trailer to watch and marvel over.
this movie is going to be the highlight of my year. my baby's coming home and this movie is playing. yes yes yes.
I agree this is a definite must see. I only wish I had Max's monster/animal costume to wear. Guess I'll have to get working on that.
Big Muddy
Holy shit you can't fucking be real.
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